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Well as many of you know, today I turned *sigh* 36 years old. How did that happen? Where did the time go? Didn't I just finish playing in the mud, graduate, get married, have babies, get my designation, buy a house, sell a house....wasn't I just 19?  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be 19 again, I don't even want to be 30 again. However the years do seem to be going by faster and faster, like I'm on that god awful New York, New York casino roller coaster that I thought would be was not fun, I hated it, I kept my eyes closed as tight as Scrooge's wallet the entire time. I hated it.

I feel like I keep talking about things that I want to do and yet never doing them. (Just like I feel like I keep standing in front of the mirror giving myself a manual face lift.  Pull my forehead up, no wrinkles, forehead down wrinkles....where did these wrinkles come from? Since when did my skin move so much?

Over the past few years I've done some stuff that I…


Getting out for a run is good for the body, running with Cora is good for the soul.  I swear I burn more calories laughing and she burns more calories talking; its absolutely priceless and brightens my day every single time we go out together.  Like tonight.............

Cora: OOOOHHH Mommy I'm so fast, let's go fast. Hey, this is the way to my school. I won't trip. I tripped but I'm okay. These pants are dirty. I ate all my dinner you know.

Me: I know sweetie I was there.

Cora: We're fast hey Mommy?

Me:  We sure are

Cora: Do you remember that time we went for a run and Logan worked on my Lego house and added stuff, that was cool right Mommy? Ahhhh Watch out for roots! These sparkly shoes keep me safe because they stick to stuff. Oooh mud. Haha sticky, sticky mud. Oh I got some on my shoes. That's okay. Look a tree that a beaver cut down, hello beaver cut trees. Goodbye beaver trees. If we ran into a beaver I bet he'd invite us into his house. LOOK MOMMY, LOOK MO…