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1) You have to plan ahead. This means from everything to trying to schedule hair/doctor/dentist/grocery shopping/prescription pick up/lunch date/ etc. etc. on the same day, on the mainland, (if those services aren't offered on your island) to meal plans (so you know what groceries to stock up on) your life will revolve around ferry schedules, shorter operating hours for local businesses and lack of product/service availability where you live so you better make friends with your time management skills.

2) Seafood is almost free. You do need to make sure you have a fishing liscence to harvest crab, oysters and clams, and to fish for fresh or salt water creatures. There are limits on what you can catch and keep but the abundance of it here is amazing. If you do not like seafood, that's fine; us seafood lovers do not try to convert you weirdos...we prefer not to share.

3) You better like being outdoors. As on most of the westc…


Twice now I have attempted to start the elusive art of blogging. I have never been able to find the time nor  have I been able to really find a subject that I can actually dedicate myself to. Times have changed, suddenly finding myself with more freetime on my hands I have decided that it is time!! It is time to start comitting to a blog. I plan to blog about what it's really like living on an island on the westcoast of BC (can't take complete credit for this idea as it was given to me by a great friend!). Everything from parenting, logistics, recipies, lifestyle etc.  No sugar coating; I plan on revealing some of the real issues/challenges with living not only in a small community but in a small community that is isolated by water. There are some truly amazing reasons to live on a westcoast island and there are some real challenges. Some of those challenges can be overcome, some you need to find a way to accept. If there's anything that somebody would like to know or if …