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Yesterday, when I got off the train, I was swept up in the usual crowd of drones ambling toward the stairs that would lead us back to our home lives.  For anybody who has ever got off a train, at rush hour, at one of the most popular stops, you know that sometimes it takes longer to get up the bloody stairs and out of the station than it does to ride the train from down town to Crowfoot. This is why, when I spotted that the escalator that is usually always rotating downward, was stationary, I thought to myself, "Score! I'm hauling my ass up that way."  Well, about one third of the way up............the escalator started moving...........downward.   I instantly felt like a moron, but figured, if I can....just......lunge.....upward........ A handsome man, all classy and businessy, looked at me with a great big smile on his face, laughing, in a nice, friendly way.  "It wasn't moving when I got on!" I cried, "I figured I could be smart and beat the crowd…


I just started reading this book by the amazing Martha Beck - titled "Steering by Starlight".  It is a must read if, like me, you often find yourself marathon worrying or constantly concocting "worst-case-scenarios" in your head.....I have turned it into an art. 

When trying to keep my crazy projections of doom and gloom in check, I have found it's helpful to ask myself, "Am I being attacked by a Lion?"  If not then I probably have nothing to fear.  So when I read Martha Beck's question of, "Are you currently being attacked by a Velociraptor?"  I chuckled to myself and  thought, "Hey, I like the way this lady thinks."

For those of you who have never heard of Martha Beck or read any of her work, she is an amazingly funny, wickedly smart woman who has written several books as well as regular articles for Oprah's magazine and websites. (And y'all know how much I like Oprah!)

In Steering By Starlight, Beck talks about &quo…


I have been wanting to come up with something witty, and entertaining and enlightening to write about but alas, I am just too exhausted to stick to a coherent thought or word these days. As such I am going to satisfy my inclination to blog about Alberta life by sharing some of the things I love, and definitely do not love about living here:

Snow - it's just so darn, pretty and wintry - a total post-cardish novelty for us west coastersPlus 15s - not only are they warm and convenient but each time I navigate the maze I feel like I'm in some secret, futuristic world where everybody has to stay inside to survive (aka Calgary)The Rockies - do I really need to explain? Just stunningNo Ferries - again, do I really need to explain?Reading on the train My jobOur neighboursLogan's school - it's fantastic and listening to him sing french songs is so freakin' cute!Garbage and recycling pick up - no sorting, just dump in the bin and drag to the side of the road, yes we ha…


This poor guy fell asleep on the train today. I'm pretty sure he missed his stop, perhaps somebody, including me, should have woken him up.  He kept dropping his beer on the floor but on the plus side he was very gracious and offered a beer to all the people around him, including the elderly east indian lady next to him who looked absolutely terrified. About three stops before the end of the line he passed out across the bench, after said, terrified lady, departed the train.  By two stops before end of line, he was snoring like he was in a coma, oh lord, what if he was in a coma? How awful.  The girl next to me was trying to sneakily, turn her phone this way and that to get a picture of him, she was failing miserably and kept retrying over and over again.  I have to admit, drunk, snoring guy passed out on the train was kind of funny, however, it struck me how awfully sad it was as well.  I have seen this same guy on the train before in his Dickies, work coveralls, worn and leather…


"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"  I have been reading a lot of quotes lately and this one stuck (well they all tend to stick given that I go through a lot of post-its). 

In the grand scheme of life, things are wonderful.  I know that one should count their wealth not based on the dollars in the bank but rather on the blessings such as health, laughter, love etc. that accumulate in our lives; these are true riches.  By nature I am not naturally a positive person; it's something that I've really had to work at and that has evolved in my character, out of necessity, over the last few years.  Thus the insatiable appetite for positive, uplifting quotes and mantras.  I am also naturally risk averse and a planner. I like to have a plan, more appropriately, I feel like I NEED to have a plan.  I once said to Larry, as we joked about selling everything to sail around the world. "Sure, I'll do it, as long as we never see…