I have been wanting to come up with something witty, and entertaining and enlightening to write about but alas, I am just too exhausted to stick to a coherent thought or word these days. As such I am going to satisfy my inclination to blog about Alberta life by sharing some of the things I love, and definitely do not love about living here:

  • Snow - it's just so darn, pretty and wintry - a total post-cardish novelty for us west coasters
  • Plus 15s - not only are they warm and convenient but each time I navigate the maze I feel like I'm in some secret, futuristic world where everybody has to stay inside to survive (aka Calgary)
  • The Rockies - do I really need to explain? Just stunning
  • No Ferries - again, do I really need to explain?
  • Reading on the train
  • My job
  • Our neighbours
  • Logan's school - it's fantastic and listening to him sing french songs is so freakin' cute!
  • Garbage and recycling pick up - no sorting, just dump in the bin and drag to the side of the road, yes we have to pay for this service, but can you tell I'm a small town girl? I think the whole take my crap away (or in this case my cat's crap) feels like a total luxury.
  • Proximity of our mailbox
  • That everything is everywhere - I'm 30 seconds away from the post office, food, insurance offices, banks, dentist's, clothing stores, tailors, book stores etc. If I need to take care of something or find something on my lunch break, it's doable!
  • Cheap fuel - goes a long way when you have a long commute and a gas guzzling truck
  • Again No Ferries - this deserves mentioning again
  • I think it's darker in the morning here, but it's lighter later in the day
  • The city skyline in the early morning and at night
  • The sound and sight of the freight train rolling through Cochrane - even if it's every 20 minutes
  • I haven't seen rain in almost 4 months!!!
  • I'm closer to my Alberta family and friends
  • The excuse to wear leg warmers 
  • Safeway liquor store - airmiles and convenience

  • Driving in the snow
  • Shoveling the snow
  • Sweeping snow off of the truck
  • Frozen, slippery snow (in other words I just like looking at snow)
  • Larry being away so much so far
  • Paper health care cards - I thought this province had money??
  • The photo on my new AB driver's licence - yikes!
  • Pushy, rude, inconsiderate, asshole commuters - what's wrong with you people?
  • How dirty the truck is all the time and the way the kids feel the need to rub themselves on it right after I've washed their jackets
  • How dry it is here - I am itchy all the time, my hair looks like a static experiment and I haven't been able to breath clearly out of my nose for 3 months
  • That it's a really, really, really, long walk to the ocean, let alone a drive - new for me
  • That it's a really, really, really, long walk to our friends and family back on the coast - also new for me.
  • No Rain - Though I don't miss being damp and wet all the time and the long, depressing grey of a west coast winter, I do honestly miss a good ole thunderstorm or Sundays when it would rain, ALL DAY, and as such you'd have the perfect excuse to stay in your jammies and eat breakfast for dinner, and watch movies or read or snuggle up by the fire and make chili on the wood stove.  Here it's so gall darn sunny, I have to close the blinds and curtains and "pretend" its not nice.
  • The Calgary Flames


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