This poor guy fell asleep on the train today. I'm pretty sure he missed his stop, perhaps somebody, including me, should have woken him up.  He kept dropping his beer on the floor but on the plus side he was very gracious and offered a beer to all the people around him, including the elderly east indian lady next to him who looked absolutely terrified. About three stops before the end of the line he passed out across the bench, after said, terrified lady, departed the train.  By two stops before end of line, he was snoring like he was in a coma, oh lord, what if he was in a coma? How awful.  The girl next to me was trying to sneakily, turn her phone this way and that to get a picture of him, she was failing miserably and kept retrying over and over again.  I have to admit, drunk, snoring guy passed out on the train was kind of funny, however, it struck me how awfully sad it was as well.  I have seen this same guy on the train before in his Dickies, work coveralls, worn and leathery face that looks as tired as my winter boots.  To look at him, you'd peg him instantly as old, drunk, working man, however one time, when I saw him fairly sober, and awake, he made a point of offering his seat to every woman that came on and off the train. If you've witnessed the complete and total lack of manners and respect almost 95% of train commuters have for their human comrades, you'd appreciate just how extraordinary and touching, drunk, passed out guy's gallantry was. Dude has more decency than anybody else I've yet to see come and go from the guts of the big, metal LRT beast. The train conductor woke him up and probably had some words about the smattering of empty beer cans covering his lap like settled flies.  I hope he got home safe and sound, and that he wasn't driving anywhere.


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