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Yesterday, when I got off the train, I was swept up in the usual crowd of drones ambling toward the stairs that would lead us back to our home lives.  For anybody who has ever got off a train, at rush hour, at one of the most popular stops, you know that sometimes it takes longer to get up the bloody stairs and out of the station than it does to ride the train from down town to Crowfoot. This is why, when I spotted that the escalator that is usually always rotating downward, was stationary, I thought to myself, "Score! I'm hauling my ass up that way."  Well, about one third of the way up............the escalator started moving...........downward.   I instantly felt like a moron, but figured, if I can....just......lunge.....upward........ A handsome man, all classy and businessy, looked at me with a great big smile on his face, laughing, in a nice, friendly way.  "It wasn't moving when I got on!" I cried, "I figured I could be smart and beat the crowd…


I just started reading this book by the amazing Martha Beck - titled "Steering by Starlight".  It is a must read if, like me, you often find yourself marathon worrying or constantly concocting "worst-case-scenarios" in your head.....I have turned it into an art. 

When trying to keep my crazy projections of doom and gloom in check, I have found it's helpful to ask myself, "Am I being attacked by a Lion?"  If not then I probably have nothing to fear.  So when I read Martha Beck's question of, "Are you currently being attacked by a Velociraptor?"  I chuckled to myself and  thought, "Hey, I like the way this lady thinks."

For those of you who have never heard of Martha Beck or read any of her work, she is an amazingly funny, wickedly smart woman who has written several books as well as regular articles for Oprah's magazine and websites. (And y'all know how much I like Oprah!)

In Steering By Starlight, Beck talks about &quo…