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When I was 19 I took part in the Miss Powell River, Youth Ambassador Pageant. Seems like forever ago, maybe because it was.It was an amazing experience where I made lifelong friendships, become a Spark Leader as my volunteer service, came in first runner up in a speech competition (which forever cemented my comfort with speaking in public), laughed, danced, adventured….it was amazing.I owe that experience to Dan and Marian Devita and the Texada Island Inn.I remember at the end of the final performance night, Dan and Marian came back stage to congratulate me and give me a hug.Dan said “we’re really proud of you, would you like a job?” I practically burst into tears.
And so I ventured into becoming a part of the storied history of that place; a place where you could set your watch by the people who walked through the door.Ed Johanson, who never said too many words but always had the warmest smile and would stand at the counter for half an hour, if he had to, just to put exact change for…