Too often we find ourselves writing very specific lists of goals and aspirations, some attainable, some absolutely impossible.  Resolutions like....I want to lose 10 pounds, I want to keep my kitchen cleaner, I want to eat more leafy greens, read more, wear clean socks more often, remember the kids' library days, swear less......(those that know me well know I have given up on swearing less....also on remembering library days)

I find that beyond the rigid, detailed lists, I personally need a broader, more universal mandate; a blanket to cover all the lists I make for the coming year and all the lists I will continue to obsessively make during the coming year.

Honestly, 2016 wasn't the worst year for me; it was another tough one for sure, full of life lessons, stresses, and challenges, but it was also full of lots of good memories, steps forward, revelations, and laughter.  It was a tough year for many, with lost loved ones, personal and professional trials and tribulations and just a general gauntlet of obstacles to overcome and put behind us.  Which is why 2016 is a year that many are quite ecstatically happy to see fading into the horizon. (Seriously have there ever been more memes about a given year being just the worst?)

2017 however....oh there is hope for 2017....all the hope for 2017. Many horoscopes and all that jazz point toward 2017 as having the potential to be one of the best years to come along in quite awhile (depending on your sign...for those who this does not apply to, I deeply apologize and wish you all the best). Good lord, lets hope all those star reading, philosophizing, horoscope writing hopefuls are correct!

And so, in honour of the passing of 2016 and the impending birth of 2017...here is my mission statement...here is my mandate....here is my solemn promise to myself, the coming year, and the unwritten that stretches before me....

Dear 2017,

 - I promise to try so much harder not to let fear have a voice in my decisions, emotions, reactions or creativity.
 - I will move without hesitation toward joy and hope and love and possibility.
 - I will let go of all of the things that are holding me back from the life that is meant for me and I will fiercely embrace the unknown with passionate curiousity and faith in the universal energy around me.
 - I will vow to follow my bliss; to cherish little things and celebrate big things in every way possible.
 - I will become an active author of my own story and will strive to write a life that intoxicates me with its richness, challenges and beauty, whatever that may look like.
 - I will fall in love with everything.
 - I will believe big and dream bigger.
 - I will forgive myself and bestow upon myself and my own thoughts the kindness that I strive to show others.
 - I will smile and laugh and dance and breathe; deep inhalations of this 'all things are possible' existence.
  - I will aim to have all sorts of adventures, in the aisles of grocery stores, on city streets, in unexpected moments and planned, fleeting excursions.
 - I vow to be pained less by my past and to work on denying its echos to carry forward any further into my future.
 - I will reach for new experiences in both my environment and in the people my story finds itself blending into my plot line.
 - I will give more and allow myself to be open to receiving more.
 - I will consume my own existence with a hunger I have yet to have the courage or the readiness to allow myself to embrace.
 - I will strive to set my world on fire, whether it be with quiet, heartwarming embers or vivid, full, vibrantly fanned flames.
 - I will believe in magic and fate and serendipity while simultaneously facing my life with a determination and vigor that has lay dormant for all too long.
 - I will rest when I need rest
 - I will forgive my own imperfections
 - I will let go of pain and expectation and fear and anger and worry and I will, as much as I can, focus on the fact that every breath, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year is a blessed chance at an entirely brand new world of hope, humour, health and happiness.

I believe in you 2017....I believe in me....I believe....2017.....I am ready for you.

With much love,


To all of you reading this and not reading this, may 2017 be a very, very good year for you and may all your missions and mandates and resolutions come true.


  1. Thank you for sharing your mission statement as there are so many parts that hit home for me. I wish I had the ability to articulate my feelings into words like you. There are many points you make that I need to take on and make happen in my life. Funny how we all want everyone to think that life is great and all is good but really we all have the same thoughts and feelings but to afraid to share them, thank you for sharing! Your final point is what I truly need to focus on for me in 2017 and then build from there a mission statement for myself. Thank you!


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