Every now and then we are treated to moments in our days that can change our mood and our outlook, for the better. Even if those moments are the simplest of things,  somehow they are magic; they hold us up and warm us.  It does not matter if it's someone holding the door open for you and smiling, joking with a complete stranger while waiting in line, someone offering you a transit ticket when they see you realize you don't have one, or a sweet, little, old lady making you smile as you somehow get overwhelmed with the simplest of tasks, like having to buy new pillows...its in all these seemingly small, wonderful moments that we are reminded that the world, and most of the people in it, are good, and decent and are together in this life with us.  We don't thank people enough for providing us with these glimpses of unity; those people who's acts of kindness are so much larger than the acts themselves.  And the only thing better than having your day transformed by the acts of another, is to transform someone else's day with your own actions.  The world could use more manners, smiles, compassion and laughter. Spread it everywhere you can and be grateful when it comes your way.  Let all the little, simple moments remind us that life is beautiful, that we are all  together on this crazy journey, and that kindness, above all else, and against all else, should never go unrecognized.


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