I set out to read 25 books in 2017. For avid readers this might not seem like very many, but having just plunged fiercely back into reading, after a prolonged period of mental overload, this is a large, solid start for my come back with the written word.  So.....here are the 25 books I spent my time on in 2017...

1) AFTER YOU - JOJO MOYES:  If you loved 'Me Before You' (the book, not the lackluster movie) then you will enjoy finding out what comes next. Plus Jojo Moyes makes it impossible for you not to fall in love with her endearing characters or get sucked into their believable story line lives.

2) EAT, PRAY, LOVE MADE ME DO IT - ASSORTED AUTHORS: While my essay did not make the cut for this collection or stories inspired by the book, the ones that did will 1) make you want to read Eat, Pray, Love all over again and 2) make you want to read Eat, Pray, Love all over again.

3) THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP - MARIE KONDO: Ya...no. I mean there were some good ideas on how to purge your likely overload of shit you don't need but c'mon, who has time to empty their purse of 100% of it's contents every night and thank their purse for it's service etc. ? And who hides books away in a drawer or closet? Lost me right then and there. Don't mess with books.

4) PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - JANE AUSTEN: Read for the 4th time...enough said.

5) ONE PLUS ONE - JOJO MOYES: Hooked on her easy, honest, heartfelt story telling.


7) THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND - JOJO MOYES: Yes another one and oh man, this needs to be a movie!! Like yesterday.

8) THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP - NINA GEORGE:  This has been added to my list of all time favourite books. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

9) IS EVERY ONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME - MINDY KALING: No Mindy, every one is wishing they were hanging out WITH you! Hot damn this woman is funny and thank god she has the lady balls to say all the awkward, embarrassing things a lot of us are thinking.

10) THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F#$% - MARK MANSON: So, so good! It's about choosing what you're willing to suffer for and not giving a, well you know, about the rest. Thank you for liberating the F-bomb.

11) BIG MAGIC - ELIZABETH GILBERT: Pure magic! Slap your creative spirit awake kind of soul food for all you creative lovelies. Totally going to re-read this one!

12) 1984 - GEORGE ORWELL: Read in junior high; yup it's still dark. Yes, I still needed a hug once I finished it. Scary close to reality. Far too close.

13) MY GRANDMOTHER SENDS HER REGARDS AND APOLOGIES - FREDRIK BACKMAN: Now solidly in my list of top 10 favourite books of all time; I laughed, I cried, I felt my heart swell, I laughed while crying with a swollen heart....loved it.

14) MILK & HONEY - RAPI KAUR: Felt like I was reading the lyrics to the songs playing in my head.

15) YOU ARE A BADASS - JEN SINCERO: Highly motivating, fire starter for your brain to slap the "I can't" right out of your dusty grey matter.

16) THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER - JOJO MOYES: Yes, Yes, another one. Another lovely, gripping story.

17) THE PRINCESS SAVES HERSELF IN THIS ONE - AMANDA LOVELACE: I read the entire thing while at Urgent Care getting stitches in my finger because I cut it open while washing a champagne flute that had been used to drink orange juice.

18) HOW TO BE LOVELY, THE AUDREY HEPBURN WAY OF LIFE: Simply lovely; wonderful tidbits of Audrey's charm, grace, charity and loveliness to remind us not to be assholes.

19) 5TH AVE 5 AM - SAM WASSON: How Breakfast at Tiffany's, the classic movie we know today, almost wasn't. For lovers of Audrey and nostalgic Hollywood, a must read.

20) THE KICK ASS SINGLE MOM - EMMA JOHNSON: Meh. Some good advice but mostly I just wanted to skip a great deal of this one. Worth a skim read.

21) WENJACK - JOSEPH BOYDEN: Absolutely heartbreaking; everyone should read this..everyone.

22) SPIRIT BRIDES - KAHLIL GIBRAN: I have a weakness for Gibran. This was a quick, lovely read in his epic, beautiful style. 

A mere palate cleanser.  I read the first one (Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict) so had to read the other side of the story. Also I love anything Jane Austen (see book 4)

24) THE SUN AND HER FLOWERS - RUPI KAUR:  More stunning words from Rupi (insert praise hands emoji here)

25) THE UNTETHERED SOUL - MICHAEL A.SINGER: Bought a few years ago, and only just finally read this. Simply comes down to, do you want to be happy or do you not want to be happy? All about energy flow and letting all things move through you and removing your "inner thorn"; highly recommended.

So that's it! That's my list!

I'm building my list for 2018 so would love to hear which books you read in 2017. Which ones you'd recommend to read or steer clear of!? What are you reading in 2018?

Show me your books, tell me about your books, be a book.....books...


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