I promised myself I would try to come back to this blog; to pour myself back into my life and write something, even something small, once a week. It's happening, but very slowly.  Sometimes when we cannot find our own words, we find little bits of our hearts and minds in the words of someone else. That was the case this week, I had no words, and then I read some.

I am surprised my cousin Laura ever learned to walk. She was a beautiful, little, doll of a girl, captivating all of our hearts and so we (her older cousins and myself) carried her everywhere; we never wanted to let her go or put her down.  Now our little dolly is all grown up and still she captivates me. 

The other day I saw a post from this lovely soul, who happens to be family, and I had to share it; I am in awe of her. I am in awe of the passion and commitment in her words, whenever I read them, and of the way in which she (and her brothers by the way, who are equally amazing) live their lives with such joyful intention.  I hope that you enjoy these inspiring words as much as I did....

"A friend recently asked me what my 'goal' for the future was.  My desire is to live as happily and authentically as possible based on my accumulated knowledge and experience (which is constantly evolving) aka I want to walk my talk. I does not feel enough to just have knowledge and not embody the lesson it represents or integrate its meaning into my life.  It truly bothers me when I see an angry, obese, smoking, overtired medical doctor doling out health advice like they know what's up. No.  Listen to the people who embody what they preach, because it is among the hardest things in life.  Knowing what to do and actually doing it...whole different ball game.  I seek out and accept advice from thriving folks....the ones shooting sunbeams from their eyeballs, the ones who love despite fear, who take their own medicine, who walk their own talk. To me, intelligence is not actualized it is embodied.  I chose to live in alignment with the knowledge I have stumbled upon in my life.  Alignment feels good."

These words echo a very simple truth.....I cannot get enough of these words.  They are beautiful and inspiring words from a beautiful and inspiring soul.

Please read this as well....It is brimming over with intelligence, soul and truth....

LB I am so very, very proud of you, and I love you to pieces. 


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