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Friday, September 11, 2015


14 years ago today, when the world stopped, and we all stood in shock and disbelief of what we were seeing and hearing and feeling, we were united not in our opinions of what or who was right or wrong, not in our politics, cultural or religious beliefs. Rather we were united, on that single day, in our respect for the unquestioned bravery of those who went in, without hesitation, to the rescue. We were united in our deepest sympathy for all the loved ones lost and lives that would never get to be or were forever altered. We were united in the heartbreak that comes from innocent lives fractured and dispersed as a result of righteous violence and perpetuating hate, on this day and on all those that came after in the name of vengeance.

Our hearts ached in unison as we found that we could be simultaneously, overwhelmingly proud and deeply ashamed to be part of the human race. Today is a day that is worth remembering for that alone and to reflect on an intention that we should all carry with us as we move forward in a life that many were parted from 14 years ago. An intention to live our lives in gratitude for all that we have and to live without anger, violence or hate.  This is how we should honour the souls of 9-11, and how we ultimately will honour ourselves.

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